Customer Satisfaction POC: Carla C. Madni
Phone: 310-581-5440, Fax: 310-775-9796

ISTI's "best practice" work processes are based on maximizing organizational efficiency, containing costs, mitigating and managing risks, and continuously improving processes. By infusing quality into and throughout program development, we are able to focus on the right set of priorities and getting it right the first time and every time. As a result, our services conform to the highest standards of quality with proper supervision by qualified individuals.

We have performed prior work in accord with requirements that mirrors the requests of this SOW. As a principal subcontractor on CNE's EPOC program, we are working to these requirements as well. We use ProcessEdge™, our process design and project management product to delineate these processes, work flows, and detailed description of actions required to produce superior quality services, products, and deliverables. The resultant work procedures clearly demonstrate our ability to apply a systematic and repeatable approach to complex task accomplishment. For each assigned task, the work procedures prepared by our personnel specify, in step-by-step fashion, the means by which we intend to execute the task defined by a particular Task Order, to ensure the satisfaction of the customer and to be in full compliance with the contract. Each individual work procedure is a stand-alone document that describes the temporal sequence of individual work steps and inspection/validation checkpoints. Our Work Procedures include required checksheets, as well as other quality control documents unique to each deliverable to ensure/verify accuracy and completeness of each task.

ISTI's Policies and Procedures define our best practice methods for performing general contract support functions. These practices have been reviewed and approved by DCMA and DCAA. Examples of such practices include, but are not limited to: purchasing policies; Government property control policies; material receipt inspection; and material handling, storage, packaging, and shipping.

In summary, ISTI's processes and procedures, coupled with the company's passion for continuous improvement, provide not only the requisite tools but also a scalable framework to successfully monitor progress while continuing to maximize quality.