ISTI's research and development efforts have lead to the creation of award-winning software products. Our current cutting-edge research is allowing us to create the several products that are nearing the commercialization stage. Below is an overview of some of ISTI's forthcoming products.

A Knowledge Access and Decision Support Portal for C2 on the Move

Knowport is a knowledge access and decision support portal for the commander and his team to respond collaboratively and effectively to tactical events while on-the-move. Knowport allows for:

  • spontaneous collaboration;
  • just-in-time delivery of process plans;
  • automatic notification and delivery of "work products;"
  • plan continuation during loss of communication with pre-planned protocols; and
  • device-sensitive visualization of mission progress, critical documents, and plans.
Transforming a Team of Individuals Into an Expert Team

ProcessTrain is a cognitive model-driven process training system for learning and practicing both individual and team skills in time-stressed, decisionmaking environments. Capabilities offered by ProcessTrain include:

  • the ability to practice individual and team skills with extensive visualization support;
  • a personalized learning plan based on pre-assessment;
  • scenario-based training with graduated difficulty and facilities for scenario preview;
  • simulation-based "what-if" exploration of consequences of decision alternatives and contingencies; and
  • in-situ and post-hoc performance evaluation.