A Breakthrough in Enterprise Process Modeling

ProcessEdge Enterprise Suite, the first integrated tool suite for enterprise process design, analysis, integration and optimization, models your enterprise from functional, geographic and programmatic perspectives. ProcessEdge inspires users to view an enterprise as a multifaceted gem, with each facet providing a new insight into the enterprise. Viewing each facet corresponds to a new and, possibly, novel insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise. These insights allow you to make relevant tradeoffs in streamlining enterprise operations, making business process outsourcing decisions, and determining how best to absorb a newly acquired organization without the parent enterprise.

ProcessEdge creates powerful visualization capabilities in Microsoft Visio to successfully overcome the perennial problem of “One thing said, ten things understood” among integrated project teams tasked with planning and executing applications of enterprise life cycle processes. ProcessEdge generates project planning of resource loaded, integrated master schedules in Microsoft Project directly from your enterprise process models.

ProcessEdge has a variety of applications within your enterprise. Whether you are planning new initiatives, incorporating best practices into your programs, accumulating knowledge capital from a few to share with all, ProcessEdge will simplify your task while making the journey fulfilling.