MainTrain is a user-centric, web-based lightweight integrated learning and performance support environment that embeds learning experiences and instruction within "bite-sized" knowledge nuggets to make the user's experience enjoyable and memorable. MainTrain, which is SCORM 2004-compliant, can be deployed in a variety of configurations including over the Internet within a LAN, or via a desktop.

MainTrain which is based on fundamental principles of instruction and the science of learning, enriches the learning experience while assuring context portability. MainTrain courseware provides direct access to source material such as online reference manuals, web pages, databases, and spreadsheets.

Recognizing that the proverbial classroom instructional hour is ill-suited for web-based learning, MainTrain provides memorable learning experiences in 5 to 10 minute long instructional vignettes called "knowledge nuggets." Each knowledge nugget has a learning or performance support objective, content objects, and instruction / assessment / delivery strategies. Instruction is followed by engaging exercises and insightful feedback to keep the learning engaged with "short and satisfying" bursts of learning.

MainTrain's exercises and tests are intended to assess how well a learner has grasped, internalized, and can apply the material. MainTrain supports a variety of question types (e.g., drag-and-drop, hot-spot, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, true/false; yes/no).

MainTrain's benefits and payoffs are:

  • "One-stop shop" for just-in-time learning and on-demand performance support
  • An hour of classroom instruction compressed into 20 minutes of web-based instruction
  • Engaging, five to ten minutes of instruction delivered in "bite-sized," knowledge chunks keep learning interesting
  • Prompt, insightful, feedback, and remediation following test-taking
  • Curriculum tailoring and learner placement based on learner self-assessment

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