Intelligent Systems Technology Selected as
One of the 100 Hot Companies to Watch in 2000

Santa Monica, CA, (November 15, 1999) - Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. (ISTI) announced today that it was selected by ComputerWorld as one of the 100 Emerging Companies to Watch in 2000. The list of the winners appears in the November 15, 1999 issue of ComputerWorld. Dr. Azad M. Madni, President and CEO of ISTI said: "We believe our unique position as a provider of innovative solutions for corporate initiative planning and execution has led to our selection by ComputerWorld's impressive editorial team."

ComputerWorld's Emerging Companies awards are given to new companies providing the products or services with the most potential value to corporate IT and impact on the way IT leaders do their jobs. Specifically, they were judged based on the value of their products and services to corporate IT operations in Fortune 1,000 companies, the level of innovation in the company, and the company's ability to execute its strategy in terms of revenue, revenue growth, funding, and its management team.

"These companies are changing the way business is being conducted today, making it essential for IT Leaders to be kept informed of the latest innovations. As corporations continue to align IT strategies with business objectives, IT Leaders are looking to ComputerWorld for business and technology solutions that provide an unmatched competitive advantage," said Michela O'Connor Abrams, publisher of ComputerWorld.

Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. is at the forefront of the new breed of IT companies specializing in integrated web-based solutions for corporate initiatives planning and management. The company's flagship products include The ProcessEdge™ Enterprise Suite and TeamEdge™. The company's SolutionEdge™ Services are directed to providing strategic planning, methodology training, solution consulting, and application integration services. For more information, contact ISTI at or visit the web site at

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