Dr. Azad Madni to Conduct Training symposium for the Navy

SANTA MONICA, CA. - APRIL 6, 2006 - Dr. Azad Madni, President and CEO of Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. (ISTI) (www.intelsystech.com), was recently retained by the U.S. Navy Center Combat Systems to develop and conduct a symposium for Navy leadership in training. This symposium will be conducted at four different Navy locations.

The symposium specifically covers two important and innovative aspects of training: transformation of legacy curricula/content into Science of Learning (SoL)-based blended learning approaches; and innovative technology-based approaches for cost-effective generation of "sweaty palms" effect in simulation-based training.

"We are delighted to develop and conduct this symposium at a time when the Navy is going through a major transformation in training as part of its Revolution in Training," said Dr. Madni.