Dr. Azad Madni and ISTI Honored with Three Nominations at DARPATech

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. MAY 1, 2004 Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. (ISTI) (www.intelsystech.com) and Dr. Azad Madni, ISTI Chief Executive received three prestigious nominations at the DARPA 23rd Systems and Technology Symposium (DARPATech) Awards Banquet. Presented by the DARPA Information Technology Processing Office, the awards ceremony was held at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, California on March 11th.

The Awards Banquet at DARPATech allows for a special recognition of outstanding performance in helping The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) achieve its high-risk, high-payoff goals. The Director's Award Program recognizes outstanding performance by non-Government researchers in three award categories: Sustained Excellence by a Performer; Significant Technical Achievement; and Outstanding Performance by a Small Business.

Dr. Madni was nominated by the DARPA's Information Processing Technology Office for both Sustained Excellence by a Performer and Significant Technical Achievement for his "significant accomplishments and innovations within modeling, simulation, and process-aware systems technology; specifically, the development of the 'just enough fidelity' principle to lower the computation and dollar cost of simulators while achieving the goals of the modeling and simulation application; pilot evaluation and succesful transition of DARPA-sponsored technologies; and adoption of DARPA-sponsored process-aware systems technolgies for planning and managing change initiatives such as Six Sigma and CMMI."

As importantly, ISTI was nominated by the DARPA's Information Processing Technology Office for Outstanding Performance by a Small Business. Specifically, ISTI's research in process-aware zero latency enterprise technology for network-enabled warfare was viewed a breakthrough in achieving near-instantaneous awareness within the grid-enabled distributed command and control battlespace environment.

According to Ron Bachman, IPTO Director; "Without contributions from these people and teams, the consistent paradigm shifts in defense technology that DARPA is known for would not be possible."

"This national recognition by DARPA caps a highly successful year in the history of the company. Our research team is committed to continue in this fine tradition as we take on new technological challenges in the future," said Dr. Azad Madni, ISTI Chairman and CEO.