Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. Wins R&D
Contract To Design Wireless Medical Digital Assistant

SANTA MONICA, CA. FEB. 5, 2002 Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. (ISTI) ( announced today that it has won a research and development award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to design a wireless, web-based Medical Digital Assistant (MDA) for use by physicians, nurses and pharmacies, as well as combat medics.

An MDA is a personal digital assistant that assists medical care providers in the collection, retrieval, and communication of information relevant to the medical care of patients.

In this phase of the effort, ISTI is focusing on developing the overall system concept, performing key technology tradeoffs, and creating and demonstrating a concept prototype that is based on an open, standards-based architecture. A key goal is to improve the human interface to computerized patient records within Army establishments in both hospital settings and in the field.

"By making it easier to electronically access patient medical records, and collect and transmit data through wireless hand-held MDAs, we will be able to effectively give the physician more time and information to diagnose and treat the patient," said Azad Madni, CEO of Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc.

"Additionally, HealthTrak™ will use the global reach of the Internet to pass on patient information to combat medics in the field, or from a distant strategic position," he added. "HealthTrak will simplify and speed up physician-patient encounters while making the experience more satisfying for the patient. Equipped with a set of high payoff automated applications, HealthTrak will ultimately support all caregivers within the entire military continuum of care."