Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. Wins E-learning
R&D Contract from Office of the Secretary of Defense

SANTA MONICA, CA. FEB. 5, 2002 Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. (ISTI) ( announced today that it has won a phase-one research and development contract from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to design and test a prototype web-based training vignette design aid that would simplify course creation while making learning more efficient and cost-effective.

The first phase is intended to explore how short, focused, multiple web-based training vignettes could be created within a lesson to effectively communicate processes and procedures needed to resolve specific problems individually, when there are multiple problems that need to be addressed within a particular lesson.

Called INSTRANETTE™ (Instruction and Training Vignettes), ISTI's training vignette program concept is expected to employ Internet-based distance learning techniques, using sound pedagogical principles that involve frequent learner interaction. INSTRANETTE will provide practical guidelines for creating effective web-based training vignettes.

"Training vignettes hold significant potential in creating instructional mini-scenarios that actively engage and motivate trainees, and that can be completed in relatively short periods. However, there are specific challenges that need to be overcome before training vignettes deliver on their promise," said Azad Madni, CEO of Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc.

"This phase one effort will respond to these challenges by creating the system concept and implementation architecture for a prototype training vignette design aid, software, and selecting appropriate content to showcase and test the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of training vignettes," he added.