ISTI has been in operation since 1994. The Company was founded based on the recognition that process resilience, team productivity, and organizational learning are key to competing successfully in today's marketplace. ISTI is committed to providing people-centric, technology-enabled solutions to its customers in the government, industry and the commercial sectors. Over the last decade, the Company has been able to attract some of the most talented professionals from companies such as Intel and Rockwell, and prestigious universities such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, UC Irvine, and USC. Today ISTI comprises computer scientists, systems engineers, software developers, human performance experts, training psychologists, and business development professionals that support the full project/product lifecycle.

The Company has a highly successful concept-to-product record with customers from defense, aerospace and commercial sectors. ISTI's two flagship products are the ProcessEdge™ Enterprise Suite and the MainTrain EnterTrainment™ Suite.